Hello guys, how are you doing these day?
whatever you do, never skip your skincare routine ;D
i was invited to Astalift event few days ago to talk about their skincare products.
I've heard about Astalift before but i never get a chance to try it.
At first, i wonder what's Fujifilm got to do with skincare.
but now i got it.
Fujifilm is always known for their flawless filter.
and to achieve that, they did a research about healthy flawless skin which Ceramide, has an important part in it.
Ceramide has been inside our corneal since we were born.
but it slowly fade away due to age.
from this research, they made this Astalift product called Jelly Aquarysta, which i'm gonna be talking below.

we did a skincare routine on the event.
we used those samples.
i had around 8 products on my skin and it felt so good <3

these are cute samples.

Fumiko san explaining about Astalift ingredients.

my girls paying attention to the demo.

Fumiko san demonstrated the skincare routine.

and here's is my face after skincare routine.
it didn't feel heavy at all.
super love the result.
makes my skin glowing and healthy looking.

I am really loving this foundation.
i has good coverage.
i don't even need concealer anymore ( if you want natural skin )
my skin is not cakey and still glowing.
it doesn't oxidise and it has SPF 25++

this is less than 1 pump.

see how natural this foundation is?
but it still cover pretty good.

now this is the famous Jelly Aquarysta.
i've been using this before i blog it.
it was so sad when i'm about to scoop it out since it's still new and has a smooth surface.
but i scoop it anw since i wanna use it.
but when i'm about to use it the next day,
it becomes smooth again! *excited*
( call me dumb but yes i was and still amazed )

here's what it looks like and you only need about that size for your whole face.
you have to use this product before any other.
consider this as a base before starting your skincare routine.
this helps to prep your skin and makes other products absorbs better on your skin.
seriously, i've tried this and i'm so into it.
i wore this before going to sleep and my skin the next day is still soft, moist and not sticky at all.

Please let me know if you have tried or wanna try this product
by comment down below <3
i'll see you in my next post.

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