you can't run from me. eye see you...
:p hi guys!
 well today's outfit is all about eye. 
eye top, eye skirt, okay. not all but only that top and skirt with the eye and my face ofc.
when i first saw this outfit on online shop, i was like, omg! i gotta buy this! and then i bought it.
it's crazy! i usually think so long before i buy something ( my mind says : "liar! liar! )
-.- don't judge me.
okay then, take a look and i hope you guys enjoy :)
see you on my next post.

oops! wrong focus :p

what i wear :
Top + skirt - Lelink Store
Blazer - Wanko
Bag - H&M
Necklace - Mango
Earrings - Pull and Bear
Heels - Guess



Hello !
well, as we know that today is a purple finger day aka pemilihan caleg in Indonesia.
i just choosed that random title for this post cause i don't know what title should i use.
today, i decided to wear a bun, messy bun actually.
the pink top i wear used to be my mother's, but she gave it to me.
(mother's closet sure helps a lot)
i pair it with highwaist midi skirt which i wore in my previous post.
since i wear a bun, i decided to wear earring :)
to end up this look, i just lay on my old vintage black bag and nude pointed heels.
hope you guys like this look and see you on my next post :)

what i wear :
Top - Dolce & Gabbana
Skirt - Chocochips
Bag - Dior
Heels - Charles and Keith