Holla guys <3
This time i'll be talking about hair product.
It's a  Shampoo
From the name itself already sounds fancy ( or it's just me? XD )
so guys, this shampoo came in a huge bottle for me.
I was like, WOW! is this shampoo?!
but yes guys, it is shampoo!
here's a picture :

This brand is part of KOSE comfort.


- Huge bottle with 500ml shampoo <3
- Smells so good! it's like flowery smell
- The fragrance last long!
- So easy to apply on hair
- makes your hair shines

- products came out a lot in a push

Overall, i love this product.
my hair smells so good even after doing some activity.
rate : 
4 out of 5

Price : IDR 325.350 ( shampoo + hair treatment )
you can find this product by clicking this link


Hey guys!
it's been a long time since i write anything,
so today i'm gonna be sharing with you my honest review about this product.
As you guys know, this brand has been so popular lately.
For you lipstick lovers, you might gonna love this one.


 i got these babies from Sociolla.com
i got two colors :

 From upper to lower : Dine in Wine , Choco Melt

for texture, it is definitely so smooth when applied to the lips.
it doesn't crack at all which amazed me because liquid lipstick tends to be drying and cracking on your lips.
As i heard, it contains Shea Butter which makes them stay soft on lips.
it also last long.  I eat with this lipstick and it stays in place, but only smear a lil bit on the inside part of my lips.
It has Velvet finish which i adore cause it looks so good and doesn't have that dry looking lips.
And good news is, its only IDR 79.000 !!!
i was shocked and happy at the same time XD

The color isn't opaque enough so i have to apply 2 to 3 swipes to get a full cover finish.
and thats it! yes, thats all :D

Overall i'm loving this liquid lipstick.
you can find another color that suits you,
here's the names :
Calm Sense, Dolce, Choco Melt, Dine in Wine, Midnight Rush, Amore dan Flaming Hot

You can find them easily at Sociolla.com
simply click this link below :

and get special discount by using this code on checkout :
get IDR 50.000 off with minimum purchase IDR 250.000

thankyou for reading guys <3
see you on my next post!