1212 berawal dari hari belanja online yang dimulai pada tanggal 12 desember 2012.
sejak saat itu setiap tanggal 12 desember, semua online shop berpartisipasi dalam hari belanja online ini.
apa itu HARBOLNAS?
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1212 started with an online shopping day on 12 december 2012.
ever since that day, every online shop were participated in this online shopping day.
what is HARBOLNAS?
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Hari Belanja Online Nasional, yep! itu singkatan dr Harbolnas. Harbolnas adalah hari dimana kita bisa belanja online dengan diskon lebih dari 50%!!!
siapa yang gasuka belanja online? kita ga perlu lagi keluar rumah dan bermacet macetan cuma untuk belanja yang belum tentu barangnya ada dan harganya cocok.
untuk pembayarannya kita hanya perlu transfer dan bisa juga COD.
barang pesanan langsung sampai ke tempat tujuan kita.
kapan sih HARBOLNAS itu? 
mulai dari tanggal 12 desember 2015 ini kamu bisa nikmatin belanja online di ZALORA.
produk dari Zalora udah pasti semuanya high quality. dimulai dari bermacam - macam brand sampai segala jenis produk bisa kamu temuin disana.
baju, sepatu, tas, aksesoris, makeup? semuanya lengkap!
ga terasa sebentar lagi udah natal, tahun baru, dan tanggal - tanggal merah lainnya lagi.
jadi buat kalian pecinta online shop, buruan di cek HARBOLNAS!

National Online Shopping Day, yep! that whats it means. Harbolnas is the day where we can shop online and get more than 50% discount!!!
who doesn't love online shopping? we won't need to get out from house and dealing with traffics just to shop things that not sure if its available or not and with a worth price.
for payment, all wee need to do is just bank transfer or Cash On Deliver ( COD )
our product will arrive right to our place.
when is HARBOLNAS?
starting from this 12 december 2015, you can shop online at ZALORA.
Zalora's product are all high quality starting from kinds of brands, you can find any product.
clothes, bags, shoes, accessories, makeup? all complete.
can't believe its almost christmas and new year, and also other big events are coming.
so for you online shop lovers, quickly check HARBOLNAS!

pictures taken at Pulau Bidadari

what i wore :
sunnies - Topshop
dress - H&M
slippers - Chanel



goodies i got from the event <3

good day!
how happy i was when i know i was invited to a skincare event.
actually its my first time hearing the brand 'JUARA'
as i stand near the products, i can smell lots of different scents of Indonesian herbs.
and true as they explaining that the ingredients is Indonesia's traditional herbs.

inspired from old ancient beauty rituals and traditional herbal remedies, they created a series of body and face products that are effective in addressing skin problems and providing a naturally luxurious experience.

Metta Murdaya
Yoshiko Roth
Jill Sung
Tami Chuang

as i came, i got a hand massage which was so good.
you can see how my right hand is so dry and my left hand is glowing after the massage using Juara's products.

they wonderful face masks.
available in 3 scents.
wear it all over your face, let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes, rinse.

the body milk and shower gel have such a great smell. so relaxing.

and now to the star of this brand!

this product is the best seller. 
at first i was afraid to try because it looks so oily and i wore makeup.
but they told me to try and said that its okay to put on top of makeup.
so i tried it.
2 to 3 drops is enough.
pat on your palm then apply on your face.
at first, it feels a lil bit greasy. but after a minute, amazingly it didnt feel like that at all.
my face looks glowing and healthy as if from within.

  • firm and enhances skin elasticity
  • brightens and boosts radiance
  • smoothes and softens
  • provides antioxidant protection
  • help protect and repair with powerful antioxidants
  • nourishes and hydrates
  • ultra pure formula good for all skin types, especially anti aging skin.
  • plumperia flower
  • passion fruit oil
  • 5 flavor berry
  • turmeric oil
  • candlenut oil
  • rice bran oil
  • avocado oil
  • jojoba oil
  • macadamia nut oil
  • squalane
  • stabilized vitamin C

its like one bottle of goodness inside.

i've been using it for a week now, twice a day.
my skin feels firm and moist.
im not suffering from any breakouts.
every morning when i wake up it feels moist and not dry after a long time under the AC.

and the good news is that this product is from natural ingredients so its okay if you wanna wear it with any other face products.
i wear this after my SK-II treatment essence and it adds goodness on my skin.



this time i made a playful makeup tutorial based of one of my facecharts
you can see it on my instagram
this is not a halloween look tho. i just made this for fun.
this look is originally created by me.
i used star as it is my favourite icon out of all.
hope you like this look, enjoy <3

first, clean your face and apply moisturiser and lip balm.

then apply primer to make the makeup stay on longer.
with your sponge / brush / fingers, apply dots of foundation and blend well.

use concealer to cover any redness, blemishes, and dark circles.
and set up your base with pressed powder.

*you can use loose powder or foundation powder as you like.

contour your face and fill in your brows

I'm using orange color from blush palette all over my lids and just a lil bit of dark brown on the outer corner just to give a little depth.

steps :
1. orange eyeshadow
2. dark brown eyeshadow
3. gel eyeliner and liquid liner
4. mascara
5. fake lashes
6. done

for the eyeliner, apply gel liner on the upper lash line and make a wing with liquid liner.

i used two different lashes. stack them on first, cut as your eyes length and put 'em on.

use orange lipstick or any color you like.

lastly, cut your tattoo in small pieces and stick 'em on to your face.
fun part! peel 'em off!
and you're done.

*this is not a sponsored makeup

credits to davy reinaldo

you should go playful with this look. you can put the tattoo anywhere you want it to be. feel free to experiment it yourself.
lemme know what you guys think about this look and i'll see you on my next post!



last sunday i was invited to sephora to try out this new product called
this is a gel based peel off nail polish which comes out in so many pretty colors for you to choose.
fyi, this nail polish comes from Germany.
the name is ALESSANDRO.
it was classified in 3 types which are
- Magic Stars
- Alessandro Striplac
- Dream collection

Striplac - peel off nail polish with gel based
Stars - basic nail polish with matte shimmer end
Dream - creamy nail polish with diamond powder

striplac ( 189k) - stars ( 171k) - dream ( 250k )

how to  :
- apply twin coat ( top coat + base )
- dry with LED for 60 secs
-apply first coat of your chosen color
- dry again for 60 secs
- apply second coat if you want to
- dry for 60 secs more
- apply twin coat to seal
- dry for 60 secs
- rub your nails with striplac pads for shinny end
- done!

 hawaian dream - peachy cinderella - dark violet

striplac pads ( 50 sheets )

after peeled off

- even after so many coats, it still feels so light
- not crack easily
- pretty colors
- last for 7 to 10 days
- can be peeled.

- nails are a lil bit dry after peel off
- must be applied at least 2 coats
- takes time for drying and coating ( but faster than going to nail shop )

i love it. not to pricey. no need to go to nail shop anymore.
no acetone needed, just peel it off.

oh ya, they also sell a starter kit.

what you get from starter kit : 
red nail polish - twin coat - LED - pads - peel of activator
( around Rp 1.xxx.xxx )

made some new friends again at this gathering.
showing our fresh polished nail.

well thats it. let me know what you think. see you guys around.