Welcome to my blog! This time i'll be talking about Shinzui UME.
A few days ago i went to Shinzu'i Ume Body Mist gathering at 3 wise mokeys with my sister, Sophie.

The event was such fun! I met lots of new friends and we had the most amazing time there. From small chit chat, photoshoot session to Clutch making. The atmosphere was so girly and japanese style.

We had so many food for the opening and the MC start talking about the new Shinzu'i Ume Body Mist. We had Miharu Julie talking about her favorite Shinzu'i Ume Body Mist and how to be blogger / vlogger.

The event was filled with happy laughter and wonderful scents from the Shinzu'i Ume Body Mist. There are 4 scents available for purchase and 2 more to come.

4 of them are Ayumi, Keiko, Iseya, and Hatsune.
Ayumi is pretty and stylish.
Keiko is Elegant.
Iseya is sweet and traditional.
Hatsune is Preppy.
My fave would be keiko and hatsune cause they match my personality a lot.

Fun fact : do you know that you can collect the bottles too rather than just buying your favorite scents?

The price is so so so much affordable! It only cost Rp 17.000,- 
For real?! Yes it is!

I highly recommend these cute scented body mist for you who is always busy due to many activities, you should definitely buy one ( or more ) cause they fit perfectly in your bag, so you always smells good!

Anyway, we have come to the end of my blog this time! There's nothing more to say other than don't forget to try these Shinzu'i Ume Body Mist!

See you again Ume Chan!
Stay Kawaii,
Sonia Tahir



Hey fams,
I wanna share with you one of the most important part that we kinda left behind which is our teeth health.
Being an influencer or anything really, actualy requires us to smile or showing teeth. A lot of dental clinic offer so many treatment for your teeth. Other than brushing our teeth daily, we should consider checking our teeth at least every 3 months. Due to what we consume everyday, brushing our teeth is not enough to make it clean. Tartar used to appear due to that and if it doesn't get care of, our teeth will be eroded. Lucky for us, scaling treatment can be found anywhere and one of them is at Happy Dental Clinic.

I was so lucky to get a chance given by Clozette Indonesia for an Oxygen Scaling and Protection treatment done at Happy Dental Clinic at Baywalk Mall

Short review : 
The process takes around 30 minutes depends on how many tartar you have.
It's a lil bit painful but still bear-able.
All tools are clean and neat.
The doctor and nurse are very kind and helpful.
The place is nice and clean with a sea view which a plus point.

My teeth is now clean and ready for pictures!

With drg.Lina

Anyway, Happy dental clinic is currently celebrating their 4th anniversary and by that you can get discount on Scaling treatment for only Rp 299.000!!
You sure don't want to miss this deal 💕

Thankyou for reading and don't forget to take care of your teeth ❤️



Almost everyone loves mask and has been wearing them almost everyday.
There are different kinds of mask and one of them is powder one.

You can mix powder type mask with anything like water / milk or even eggs.

I've been using this green tea powder type mask from @xelo.id_agen_jakarta
This by far is one of my most favourite mask.
They also come in different flavours but green tea suits my skin most.

This green tea mask is good for oily skin like mine. It can nutrients your skin and also prevent your skin from acne.
I've been having acnes lately and this mask is so helpful!

Once every 2 days is enough.
Simply mix your mask with water and spread evenly on your face. Wait for it to dry around 2 minutes and rinse with cold water to lock up your pores.

You can get this mask here

Happy testing! ❤️❤️❤️


SHOP & WIN? 10.10?

Hello dear fellas!
I've shared with you my tips and tricks on how to shop and style on my previous post, so now i'll be sharing this awesome news for you!

If you have been saving up and been waiting for the day to pamper yourself with shopping ;D then this is the time!

On 10.10 which is October 10th, you can buy yourself or family / friends a gift for your hardwork / birthday or simply just for stocking up your closet.

What is 10.10? So, until October 10th, you can enjoy shopping at Shopee.
Shopee is a South Asia E-Commerce platform where you can shop your needs. With all seller from Asian, you can choose anything you want.
This has been started since 25th September and ends till 10th October.
Experience the 16 days non-stop promo, discount up to 90%, flash sale and many more.

And, the great news is, you can find HIDDEN DEALS for Women Bags and Shoes!

The more you shop, the better chance to win BMW, 10 Yamaha Aerox 155 VVA, 20 units Samsung S8, 80 units JBL Speakers,  160s Evercross mobil
e phone, and lots of shopping voucher from Shopee!

And right on 10.10, The promotions is going to be huge because it's the last day! And you don't wanna missed it!
So what are you waiting for? 
Click HERE to shop and win!

Anyway, thankyou for visiting!
And happy shopping ❤️



Hey Peeps!
I want to share with you some of my tips on how to choose & mix and match my outfit for an event.
As a blogger / vlogger, i often go to some events that required me to dressed up. Some event also have their own dresscodes which sometimes makes me think hard of what i'm going to wear.
I don't know about you guys, but i have this bad mindset of not wanting people to remember me wearing the same outfit over and over again 😝
But due to some financial problem which doesn't allow me to keep shopping, i have to do this mix and match with what i have in my closet but still keep on following the trend.
So, without futher due, let's get started!


  1.  Browes some fashion look on instagram or another platform. You can look up to some of your favourite actress or actor or celebgram that you like.I also watch 'Clothesencounters' - Jenn Im on youtube, or Chriselle Lim. They shares amazing fashion style which i like.
  2. Find some pieces in your closet that match or look a like your 
  3. Keep the color match. If your pieces have too many different colors, i say match them with neutral / monotone color piece.
  4. Invest in monotone color outfit cause those colors never failed and simple is always the best.
  5. Wear your shoes, accessories or statement pieces. This will really help when you don't know what to wear. Save some money to buy them. It doesn't have to be branded. You can start from online shop. They always have discont or special promotion. 
Here are some ootd and details about them :

This look is so simple yet playful but still has its elegant side.
This cropped tank top is Mango and its on sale. Keep your eyes on sale item. You might fun cute pieces. Some simple tops like this will always come in handy.
Black skirt / pants is always a must cause it can fit with almost anything. I bought this since highschool and it never goes out of style.
That purse is my mom's. Some vintage item from your mom's closet can really be helpful.

I love nude colors.
Wearing the same tone outfit is probably the easiest and always stands out.
I found this dress for a good deals in forever 21 and colors like this will stays in time.
This shoes is the same with the first ootd.
I got it as a present from my friend and i always keep on wearing them. I love how it's not that high which makes me not tired of wearing it and the color is so cute.

This is the 'I don't know what to wear' look.
I just put on an oversized shirt and whatever pants or skirt i have. I also put this belt to make it looks more stylish but actually so effortless.

Invest in overall. This is the easiest way to dress up. Simply put it on and you are ready tp go.

Anyway, when i say invest, it doesn't mean you should always go shopping.
You can do it when you have the budget.

Like i've said before, check out some online shop with good deals. Online shops keep the trend and price worth it.

That's all i can tell you guys, don't hesitate to ask me anything.
And good news is, Zalora is having their Single's Day so you can shop affordable but good stuff on 11 November in Zalora.
Save your budget, and happy shopping.
Click here to shop!



Helo guys!
Have you ever tried ULTIMA II Makeup before? Yep! ULTIMA II has been known for years and even my mom was using it when she was younger.
Now, ULTIMA II has come out to a more stylish, simple, yey elegant packaging and formula suitable for us, younger generation.

Here is a makeup look called 'Ecstatic'
which i recreate using all products from ULTIMA II.


There is these eyeshadow palette which pigmentation is medium and have so many color range.
Mine is Ecstatic, which has pastel colors.
Price is IDR 190.000

Beside eyeshadow palette, there's also ULTIMA II WONDERWEAR CRAYON CREAM EYE POSH. The texture is creamy and comes in 4 different colors.
This can also be used as eye base.
If you want to create simple monotone look, then this is perfect for you.
The price is IDR 100.000

To Complete our eye makeup, we always need eyeliner. WONDERWEAR EYE POSH LIQUID LINER is one of my favourites.
It dries quickly, matte, and last for 17 hours. It also sweatproof and waterproof, even oilyproof for me.
The price is IDR 150.000

And last, you can't leave the eyebrow!
WONDERWEAR EYE - POSH BROW FILLER is perfect to make detailed strokes. Comes in black and brown.
Price is IDR 120.000

You can buy Ultima II Wonder Wear Eye-Posh collection here

Thankyou for reading! Happy testing!



So a few days ago, i got this Tescom Hot Brush Iron project from Clozette Indonesia and
today i'm going to share with you my review about the new Tescom Hot Brush Iron.

I've been wanting to try this kind of hair tools for quite sometimes.
because i have like the most tangled hair.
i don't usualy brush my hair because it might fall off.
but when i'm about to style my hair with hot iron, i have to brush my hair first so the finish will be smooth.

Luckily, i've got a chance to try this Tescom Hot Iron Brush so i don't waste my time on styling my hair.
this tool is best for straight hair.
not that it can't be used on curly hair, but it will take a long time to style the hair because it's only one sided iron.

this tool is also good for everyday usage.
i don't usually curl my hair everyday, so i just curl in the lower parts of my hair to C-shape curl.

like i've said before, this hot iron has brush on it so the finish result will be smooth.

and more good news is, it won't burn your hair ends because of it's one sided iron and the Negative Ion which help to keep your hair shine and moist.

Not to mention the cute color, Pink which is my fave.

price : IDR 1.099.000
You can check the product here :

Here i'll be showing you how i do my hair with Tescom Hot Brush Iron

Overall, i love the fisnish result.
Just what i need for everyday good hair day!

Thankyou for reading.
i'll see you on my next post.



Hello beauty junkies!
This post will be taking about beauty stuff that we often found in Kay Collection.
Most of these products are so eye catching and hard to resist.
But before we buy those babies, i'll be reviewing some of them so you know what's the function.

1. Faux Lashes
Kay Lashes are what we often found at Kay Collection.
It's like their main products.
One of this Lashes cost  IDR 39.900
The hair is soft, and natural looking.
You can find any type of lashes depend on what you want.

2. Vitacreme B12
I've always been wondering what these products are.
containing Vitamin B12, these products are currently on hype.
There are 2 of them.
- the first one on the left ( blue ) - IDR 269.900
This one is able to cure redness and acne.
it also good for aging skin.
the consistency is watery.
- the second one on the right ( white ) - IDR 289.900
this one has that whitening effect to your skin.
it also heals dark spots and brighten up your skin.
it kinda has watery feels so it's not sticky at all.

3. Clear Last Natural Cover Pact.
This pink cutie is a compact powder.
came on with the cute houndstooth puff, it has SPF 27 PA++
and believed to cover pore naturaly.
it also brigthens up your skin and contains Amino Acid and squalane to lock the moisture.
i would say the coverage is medium and suitable for everyday use.
price - IDR 269,000

4. Beauty Sponge
Kay Collection beauty sponge is one of my holy grail product ever.
they come with 3 different sizes and also different shape ( and now available in silicone type )
My fave would be the original shape.
Despite the original size of a beauty sponge, these are the medium and small size.
I found out the medium size is perfect for blending the undereye areas, blush, contour, and the small one for blending nose side or undereyeses .
But no matter what size, it can be use creatively for any usage.
Once the sponge is wet, the pore opens up and blends up the liquid / cream so well.
i also found out that the small one are softer.
the price :
small - IDR 29.900
medium - IDR 49.900
large - IDR 92.900

5. Konjac Sponge
This actually came in the black one too, but i already use it to try.
these were a hype products. this is used to clean up our face.
it can be used with or without face wash.
you can use it by damping your Konjac sponge or use it dry on wet face.
this will help to clean up our pores from makeup residues.
you can wash it and dry it up by hanging it upside down.
price : IDR 99.900

6. Doly Wink Body Cream
Doly wink is a well known brand here in Kay Collection.
besides of their makeup products, Doly wink also have their body care collection which are LIMITED EDITION.
the Body cream texture is light and not sticky.
it also smells like flower cause it contains pomegranate flower and camellia flower and roman chamomile flower extracts.
the consistency is quite thick.
perfect to use it at night or under AC to prevent skin from drying and moisturising instead.
you will feel your skin smoother after use.
price - IDR 278,900
but currently on 50% off

7. Dolly Wink Hand Cream
Other than body cream, hand cream is one of the most crucial product.
because hands are the most used part of our body.
too much dish soap or makeup products could lead to dry and rough skin.
which is why dolly wink hand cream can be one of your choice.
the hand cream has just like the flower extract of the body cream.
but the consistency is lighter and not sticky at all.
price - IDR 166,900
and also currently on 59% off.

you can also buy them online here :

And more good news to you,
i have  a voucher code if you are interested in buying.
add KBASONIA on checkout
 to get IDR 50.000,- off
( with minimum purchase of IDR 200.000,- )

Thankyou so much for reading these reviews.
i hope these will be useful as a guide before you buy them <3
see you on my next post!