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I wonder how many lipstick u guys have. Hmm pasti lebih dari 3 yaa ;D

Nah belum lama ini aku datang ke event Ultima II x Beauty Journal dalam rangka launching koleksi lipstick matte terbaru mereka, Delicate Matte Lipstick.

Kenapa matte lipstick? Karena Ultima II sudah launching lipstick gloss dan creamy di waktu lalu.
Nah lipstick matte ini juga bukan seperti lipstick matte biasa karena kandungannya yang bagus banget dan unik!

Delicate Matte Lipstick Ultima II mengandung collagen! Yap! Collagen!
Aku sempet kaget karena banyak brand yg punya lipstick matte yang ga akan bikin bibir kering.
Tapi Delicate Matte Lipstick Ultima II ini bukan cuma ga bikin bibir kering dari kandungan Shea Butternya, tapi juga Collagen yang bikin bibir kamu sehat dan kenyal!

Delicate Matte Lipstick Ultima II ini punya 8 shades dengan 3 jenis tones. Ada yang Earthy Tone, Pinkish Tone, dan Reddish Tone.
Delicate Matte Lipstick Ultima II ini dibuat khusus agar cocok dengan mood kamu kapanpun dan dimanapun. 

Di event kemarin, kita juga main games seru dengan nebak lagu di spotify sambil cocokin dengan shades lipstick Ultima II.
Pokoknya seru banget!

Gasabar nunggu event selanjutnya dari Ultima II dan Beauty Journal!

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Hello fellow readers!

Kalian pasti udah ga asing dengan selebriti yang punya makeup line. Kebanyakan makeup yang diproduksi pun hampir sama, mulai dari liquid lipstick, bedak, dan lainnya dan harganya pun berkisar Rp 100.000 keatas. Tapi ada satu selebriti yang makeup linenya super ekonomis dan baru aja grand launching, yaitu Madame Gie milik Gisela Anastasia.

Cantik Ekonomis memang highlight dari Produk Madame Gie. Harga yang ekonomis ini mungkin membuat sebagian dari kita kurang yakin dengan Madame Gie. Tapi, di event Grand Launching Madame Gie ini, Gisel sendiri menjelaskan kalau harga ekonomisnya bukan berarti kualitas produk yang buruk. Karena nama brand Madame Gie sendiri menggunakan Gisel sebagai Icon sehingga Gisel tidak mungkin mau menjelek"an imagenya sendiri dengan produk yang kualitasnya jelek.

Aku juga penasaran dengan produk Madame Gie ini, jadi aku langsung cobain beberapa produk selama acara.
Dan ternyata kekhawatiranku berubah. Untuk harga ekonomis ini menurutku produk Madame Gie punya kualitas yang lumayan bagus. Produknya pun beraneka ragam dari eyeshadow, liquid lipstick, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, lip balm, lip tint, bb cushion, dan bahkan nail polish! Harganya yang ekonomis ini juga pas banget di kantong terutama untuk anak" remaja.

Ini goodies yang aku dapat dari event Madame Gie X Beauty Journal kemarin.
Banyak ya! 

Karena banyak banget, aku bakal highlight aja produk yang paling populer yaitu liquid lipsticknya.

Ini adalah Magnifique Liquide Matte Nude Series dari Madame Gie.
Warnanya lengkap dari yang peach tone, pink tone, dan red tone.
Liquid lipstick ini matte, transferproof & waterproof! Tapi ga oil proof ya ;)

Ini swatchesnya :

Gimana? Cantik" banget ya warnanya.
Untuk harga satuanya cuma Rp 29.000 dan harga 1 set ( isi 12 ) Rp 288.000 !!
Super ekonomis yaa!

Dan ini beberapa produk lainnya.

Yang jadi favoritku selain liquid lipsticknya yaitu nail polishnya!
Nail polishnya ini dijual per set sesuai tema yang kalian mau. Dan harganya dong cuma 38.000 satu set isi 5! ( mo nangis ga sih, kesenengan :p )

Buat kalian yang penasaran, bisa langsung cek ke :

Atau buat kalian yang mau cek IGnya bisa ke Madame.Gie

Dan aku juga mau say thanks to Beauty Journal yang udah kasih kesempatan untuk ke acara dan review produk Madame Gie.

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Sonia Tahir



Hi guys!
Days ago, i went to Shu Uemura x Beauty Journal event.
The event was is all about #RD163.

What is #RD163?

If you guys love Shu Uemura, i bet you guys know what #RD163 means.
RD stands for Red and 163 is the number of experiments.

Shu Uemura has lots of red shades.
But what makes #RD163 stands out is because it is the ideal "PERFECT RED" that suits all skin tone.
It is Universal, Iconic, and Timeless.

The event was such fun!
I met a lot of friends and 
We took pictures, played games and painted pouch.

#RD163 comes in 3 finishes, 
Matte, Satin, and Creamy.

If you are not a fan of red, i recommend you to break your wall and give it a go.
Get yourself #RD163 with your favorite finish.

You can try ombre-ing first and once you get the vibes, you are ready to go bold.

My favourite is the creamy finish. tho its creamy, it really long lasting.

Thanks to Sociolla for inviting me :D

Hope you guys found your perfect red now cause its available at Sociolla
Visit their IG :
Beauty Journal and Shu Uemura for more.

Thankyou for visiting my blog! Seeyou!


Healthy Habits With Bio-Oil

Hi Guys!
I'm back with another post about skincare. Skincare is always a favourite topic for most of us. So, last friday, i went to attend BIO-OIL x BEAUTYNESIA. It was such a fun event.
We did a lot of things there.

After lunch break, we had this talkshow about skin and of course, Bio-Oil.
Long story short, we talked about skin types, causes, and how to take care of it. The skin we were talking about here wasn't only our face but from head to toe.

As you guys might already know, Bio-Oil is famous for stretch marks and other skin problems. It is such a holy grail and must have products.

Bio-Oil contains a lot of good ingredients such as :
-Chamomile oil to relax the skin
-Rosemary Oil as anticeptic and for relaxation
-Calendula Oil to regenerate skin from scars and UV lights.
-Lavender Oil to soften and thighten your skin
-Vitamin E as antioxidation
-Vitamin A to Increase Collagen production
-Purcellin Oil to lock all these good ingredients and reduce the oil so it won't be sticky and will be easily absorbed by skin

Seriously, you can use Bio-Oil even for dry hair and even lips ( be careful not to get it into your mouth ). Also very good for scars and stretch marks. And oh! Anti aging!

Anyway, the event was such fun.

We were filling crosswords, knitting, and had this group photo competition which our group won! Yay to Chamomile group!

Thanks to Bio-Oil and Beautynesia for making this event. Looking forward for more :D
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The F Thing X Clozette ID | REVIEW

Hey there!
It's been a long long time since i posted about fashion. Writing this reminds me about when i first started this blog around 6 years ago.
Well i hope i can manage to write more bout fashion again.

Anyway, i got these gorgeous pieces from The F Thing X Clozette Id.
In case you haven't heard, The F Thing is a fashion e-commerce and lifestyle platfrom.
For the first look, i chose this white ruffle top from Eesome.
I fell in love te first time i saw this top.
And the texture is just perfect.

This top is simple yet cute.
I paired it with shorts and sneakers for a more casual look along with a net bag.

I tucked it in on the first pic but you can wear it like this too.

The second look is this classy gold top.
I paired it with long black pants.

The material is satin which makes it so classy.
There are 2 arm sides of this top.
On the right, there's this long extra fabric
and open cut on the left side.

The long fabric gives it the simple yet elegant look.

Now this is the front look.
Actually you can wear the long fabric in the front or back so its versatile.

Overall, i love love both of this top.
I can definitely paired them with skirt or anything.

Of course, there are still a lot more on the website.
Do check them out :

IG : @thefthingworld