Hey lovelies,
As you can see on the title, i'm going to review my skin spa experience at Clarins.
Clarins have so many spa club all over the world and i tried the one at Metro Taman Anggrek Jakarta, Indonesia.

As i walked in to the room, it didn't feel like mall at all. I said i want to have the Full body treatment and the teraphist asked me to fill in the form to check out my skin type and which part of my body that i mostly concern of. I chose to focus on thigh and abdomen part cause that's where i feel fat most.

After i filled up the form, i was taken to the treatment room.
The room was bright and clean.
There are some products displayed on shelf and also on bed.

I took a quick change and wrap myself with bathrobe. Then i lay down on the bed as the light went dimly lit. The ceiling was decorated like sky and the room scent was so relaxing, i started to close my eyes. The bed was one of the best part from this treatment cause it had this warming machine underneath and it kept my body warm during the treatment in a cool temperature room.

The teraphist then checked my skin to choose which product she will be using for my skin. Then the massage began. She explained which products she used and how it will react on my skin ( not to long tho, she let me sleep ).

I felt so relaxed and forget about the world for that 60 minutes. Oh, i chose medium strength for the massage and she did. I regret not choosing strong cause i like it stronger but i was just too tired and relaxed to ask her for more power :p

As i said that i wanted more focus on my thigh and abdomen, she put their body fit lotion, which is for burning fat, and wrap some plastic kind of stuff around my thigh and belly. I could feel the hot sensation burning the fat. Of course it's still bearable. In fact it was so relaxing.

60 minutes passed and the teraphist left the room after she finished. Then i went for shower cause the lotion and oil were to sticky and i still wanted to spend my time strooling at the mall. After that, the teraphist gave me a cup of tea to end the treatment.

What did i feel after the treatment?
Yes, i felt so relaxed. I felt that my thigh and belly were tighter than before. I could feel the lotion working so well.

Do i recommend this treatment?
Yes, if you love to relaxed and burn fat while sleeping.
The price for this treatment is IDR 900.000 which is understandable cause the products used are so good.
No, if you love more pressure and focus on the massage.
But this kind of treatment is like a gift for yourself, so once in a while, its okay to have this treatment and pamper yourself like a princess.

And if you are not into body massage or you dont have enought time, there's also 30 minutes treatment which is Open Spa. It mainly focus on face massage. The price for open spa is IDR 300.000 . So if you're spending your time strooling at mall, why don't you give yourself a visit to Clarins Spa and give it a try. I bet you'll love it.

Well here's the end of my review.
Hope you find it interesting and helpful enough. Thankyou for reading. See you on my next post!



Hey Gorgeous!
Welcome back to my page ❤️
Kali ini aku mau bahas skincare yaitu Avoskin.
Aku udah bbrp kali denger Avoskin dan akhirnya kali ini aku bisa nyobain berkat Clozette Indonesia ❤️

Click disini untuk cek instagram mereka :

Yuk simak reviewnya :

Ini deluxe essential series dari Avoskin.
Sebenarnya ada banyak series dari Avoskin, tapi aku milih yang deluxe series ini karena masalah kulit aku yaitu warna kulit tidak merata dan ini adalah produk best seller Avoskin.
Karena kulit aku selalu terpapar sinar matahari setiap hari, SPF aja gak cukup karena ga bertahan lama dikulit. Jadi harus dirawat serajin mungkin dengan skincare.

Avoskin itu salah satu skincare yang teksturenya lembut dan ringan banget dikulit. Kulit aku jenisnya kombinasi. Bbrp bagian kering dan berminyak sehingga aku tetap butuh moisture untuk kulitku. Selain itu avoskin juga bikin kulit aku jd lebih kenyal.

Harga untuk Deluxe Essential series : Rp 335.000,-

Di dalam set ini, ada sabun cuci mukanya.
Sabun cuci mukanya lembut dan gak bikin kulit jd kesat. Di dalamnya ada kandungan olive oil dan susu kambing untuk mencerahkan dan memudarkan bekas jerawat.

Lalu ada Hydrating Treatment Essence.
Essence avoskin ini bs dipakai dengan kapas jika kalian merasa masih ada sisa makeup karena Essence ini fungsinya membersihkan wajah, exfoliator, toner, dan juga menyegarkan wajah agar kulit siap untuk tahap selanjutnya yaitu cream.

Sebelum masuk ke bagian Cream, ada 1 lagi essence yang mau aku bahas yaitu Avoskin PHTE. Ini adalah salah satu top hit nya Avoskin dan ga include di Deluxe Essential Series ya guys, jadi ini terpisah tp kalian bisa cobain yg 30 ml dulu. Karena bagus banget, PHTE ini sering sold out! Apa bedanya sm essence yang lain? PHTE ini berfungsi mencerahkan kulit, bikin kulit lebih kenyal, menyeimbangkan PH kulit, melembabkan dan menutrisi kulit lebih dalam sehingga kulit dapat meregenerisasi dengen baik. Memaksimalkan penetrasi kulit sehingga step skincare selanjutnya dapat terserap dengan baik. Dan 1 lg yaitu dapat dijadikan primer sblm makeup.

Harga PHTE 30ml : 129.000
Harga PHTE 100ml : 289.000

Intensive Divine Day Cream, salah satu hal penting yang sering dilewatin karena ngerasa terlalu banyak pakai skincare di siang hari atau karena terasa tebal dan berat. Day cream Avoskin ini adalah salah satu step penting karena kandungan marigold essential oil, ETVC, dan apple extract yang selain aman buat kulit, juga lindungin wajah dr sinar UV.

Yang terakhir adalah Luminous Emulsion Night Cream yang kandungannya ada immortal essential oil, Avocado, ETVC yang ngelindungin wajah dari masalah kulit dan membantu meregenerasi kulit selagi kita tidur.

Foto yang atas before dan foto yg bawah after.
Ini foto setelah bbrp hari penggunaan Avoskin secara teratur.

Avoskin bisa kalian beli satuan atau sesuai dengan paket yang telah tersedia di website resmi Avoskin www.avoskinbeauty.com, Official LINE Account Avoskin @avoskin, atau Avo Store di seluruh Indonesia, Lazada, Mataharimall.com, Nihonmart.id, Blibli.com, dan Elevenia.

Semua produk Avoskin sudah teruji klinis dan telah terdaftar resmi di BPOM so happy testing, gorgeous ❤️



Halo ladies, 
Kali ini aku mau review produk B Erl Cosmetics.
Bbrp hari yg lalu ak dikirimin paket B Erl. Mereka generous banget kirimin aku banyak banget mulai dari skincare sampe makeup.
B Erl ini terdaftar dalam BPOM jg jd ak percaya dan berani nyobain produknya, plus packaging mereka yang elegan banget

Dimulai dari rangkaian skincare,
1. Cleanser
Sabun cuci muka B ERL enak banget dipakai, packagingnya gak ribet, lembut dikulit dan gak bikin keset ataupun kering.

2. Toner
Cukup tuang tonernya di kapas dan usapkan ke wajah kamu untuk mengangkat sisa kotoran yang ada dan jg menyegarkan kulit.

3. Day Cream & Night Cream
Dua produk ini adalah mousturizer. Konsistensinya cream tapi mudah banget nyerap ke kulit.
Day creamnya ada kandungan warna seperti bb cream, jadi cocok buat no makeup makeup look! Plus lindungin wajah dari sinar UV.
Night creamnya transparan dan ringab banget di wajah. Melindungi wajah agar tetap moist semaleman dari AC.

4. Lip Care
Lip care B Erl kelihatannya seperti lip balm biasa. Tapi kalau dilihat dari dekat, ada seperti sparkle"nya gt. Dan pas di aplikasikan ke bibir, jd kyk tint untuk ombre lips gt! Jd bibir moist dan fresh!

5. Body Serum
Body serum ini cocok banget untuk sehari hari. Tidak mengandung whitening jadi bukan yg instant putih ya.
Body Serum B Erl mencerahkan, jadi cocok untuk semua jenis dan warna kulit.

6. Lip Matte
Ini adalah favorit aku dari rangkaian produk B ERL. Lip mattenya ada 3 warna yang cocok banget dipakai sehari hari.
Walaupun hasilnya matte, tapi ga bikin bibir kering. Rasanya lembut banget waktu di aplikasiin ke bibir.
Favorit aku yg no.2 ❤️

Nah itu dia rangkaian produk B ERL.
Kalian bisa lihat videonya di IG aku,
Buat kalian yang penasaran, mendingan langsung kepoin dan order! Jangan sampai kehabisan! ❤️

Klik B ERL COSMETICS dan selamat mencoba!

Thankyou for visiting! See ya!



Have you guys ever heard about WASO? I was invited to WASO's event the other day and was so surprised to find out that it was the junior skincare of Shiseido! 

Yup! Shiseido is a well known brand and now they're coming in with the new WASO. Waso was made for the "millenial" ( or any age if u are millenial at heart XD )

Made from only natural ingredients, Waso is completely safe to use. 
Speaking of ingredients, it was made out from these main babies :



Looquat Leaves

White Jelly Mushroom


Waso has come out with their complete skincare products starting from hydrating cream to color smart day moisturizer with SPF 30.

All of their products are non - comedogenic , parabean free and oil free. You can simply purchase them at Shiseido Counter. Honestly, WASO's packaging is uber cute and the quality is no need to be asked for! ( i fell in love when i first tried them )

Favourite product u asked? I'd say their Clear Mega-Hydrating Cream. My skin instantly transform into smooth surface and its perfect as my makeup base <3
Can't skip the lotion too cause it was made from white jelly mushroom which is so unique and the gel texture just melt into my skin like lotion ( thats why the name is Fresh Jelly Lotion ).

And anyway, i shouldn't skip talking about the event! It was such fun. When i first arrived, i quickly sat on my spot and made my bento. Super cute tips and tricks was shared and now i'm obsessed in making bento >.<
Those bento we made will be donated to the orphanage.

Also didn't forget to take picture on this cute spot!

Both event and product were amazing! Can't wait for another one! 

Thankyou for reading! Catch you later! <3



Welcome to my blog! This time i'll be talking about Shinzui UME.
A few days ago i went to Shinzu'i Ume Body Mist gathering at 3 wise mokeys with my sister, Sophie.

The event was such fun! I met lots of new friends and we had the most amazing time there. From small chit chat, photoshoot session to Clutch making. The atmosphere was so girly and japanese style.

We had so many food for the opening and the MC start talking about the new Shinzu'i Ume Body Mist. We had Miharu Julie talking about her favorite Shinzu'i Ume Body Mist and how to be blogger / vlogger.

The event was filled with happy laughter and wonderful scents from the Shinzu'i Ume Body Mist. There are 4 scents available for purchase and 2 more to come.

4 of them are Ayumi, Keiko, Iseya, and Hatsune.
Ayumi is pretty and stylish.
Keiko is Elegant.
Iseya is sweet and traditional.
Hatsune is Preppy.
My fave would be keiko and hatsune cause they match my personality a lot.

Fun fact : do you know that you can collect the bottles too rather than just buying your favorite scents?

The price is so so so much affordable! It only cost Rp 17.000,- 
For real?! Yes it is!

I highly recommend these cute scented body mist for you who is always busy due to many activities, you should definitely buy one ( or more ) cause they fit perfectly in your bag, so you always smells good!

Anyway, we have come to the end of my blog this time! There's nothing more to say other than don't forget to try these Shinzu'i Ume Body Mist!

See you again Ume Chan!
Stay Kawaii,
Sonia Tahir