Hellaw Ladies! Happy new year!
To start this new year, how bout we start it with a clean face, shall we ?

i'm going to review this product called Micellar Water by Loreal.
Micellar water is a water based makeup remover.
And Loreal came up with 2 types of Micellar water, Refreshing and Moisturising, both are safe for even a sensitive skin.

Other than it's usage as makeup remover, i also like to use it whenever i feel dull and after i had a walk in poluted air areas, just swipe it on and i feel refresh again. And the good news is that no rinse is necessary ( WHAT?! yes it is ).
It doesn't leave a greasy feeling at all.
But in case like after removing my makeup, i still like to rinse for a proper clean face.
but if you're to lazy, that's fine too and this product suits you well ( thumbs up! )
the refreshing one suits for normal and oily skin, while the moisturising one suits for normal and dry skin.

Honestly, i've been using it since i got it on my hands.
loving this so so much.
rate : 

tips : hold your wipes for about 10 seconds and then wipe it up.

i would say this product is good for eyeshadows, eyeliner, foundation, powder and so on but mascara.
it kinda hard to clean mascara.
but i still love it anyways.

here what it looks like when i remove half of my makeup.
what do you think?

where can you get this product?
It will be available to purchase at www.sociolla.com this January, 10th

thankyou for visiting and happy shopping :D

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  1. Wahhh review Micellar Water, kayaknya lagi hype banget ya ini untuk bersihin make up dan kayaknya emang seampuh itu dan praktis lagi ^^

    xoxo, Kartika