Hi Gorgeous!
What is the most natural ingredients skincare / beauty product you know? 
Can't say The Body Shop isn't one of the answer ;)
I was invited to FEMALE DAILY X THE BODY SHOP skincare talkshow.

Just looking at those products on the table already made me fall in love.
why? because i really love almond milk and honey!
both are such perfect combination and even better when it's for your skin.
These products are mostly for body parts.
i really do taking care of my face skin well, but my body does lack of treatment.
i've been having suck dry skin on certain areas such elbows and knees.

table decoration is on point.

what we mostly talked about is sensitive skin.
There we have a guest who is dr. Jonathan.
He explained about sensitive skin which can happen to all skin types due to product usage.
So pick your skincare based on natural ingredients.
Fun Fact : taking shower for too longe may caused redness / sensitivity to you skin.
best time spend is 7 minutes.

i was really having fun.
Before the show was finished, we made this cute #Upcycle DIY.
my theme is nature and i used almond on it since i ran out of materials ;D

During the event, i tried and tested their almond milk and honey products and can't say anything bad about it.
What i love the most is the lotion. Since it's not sticky and absorb well to my skin keeping it moisturised and the smell is just fresh and perfect.
Time to restore some goodness to my skin <3

Anyway, You can easily get them at your nearest The Body Shop store.
or visit THE BODY SHOP
That's it!

Thanks for visiting!

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