you can't run from me. eye see you...
:p hi guys!
 well today's outfit is all about eye. 
eye top, eye skirt, okay. not all but only that top and skirt with the eye and my face ofc.
when i first saw this outfit on online shop, i was like, omg! i gotta buy this! and then i bought it.
it's crazy! i usually think so long before i buy something ( my mind says : "liar! liar! )
-.- don't judge me.
okay then, take a look and i hope you guys enjoy :)
see you on my next post.

oops! wrong focus :p

what i wear :
Top + skirt - Lelink Store
Blazer - Wanko
Bag - H&M
Necklace - Mango
Earrings - Pull and Bear
Heels - Guess



Hello !
well, as we know that today is a purple finger day aka pemilihan caleg in Indonesia.
i just choosed that random title for this post cause i don't know what title should i use.
today, i decided to wear a bun, messy bun actually.
the pink top i wear used to be my mother's, but she gave it to me.
(mother's closet sure helps a lot)
i pair it with highwaist midi skirt which i wore in my previous post.
since i wear a bun, i decided to wear earring :)
to end up this look, i just lay on my old vintage black bag and nude pointed heels.
hope you guys like this look and see you on my next post :)

what i wear :
Top - Dolce & Gabbana
Skirt - Chocochips
Bag - Dior
Heels - Charles and Keith



Good day, everyone :)
on this post, i'm wearing a dress with yellow flower pattern on the skirt part.
found it on my wardrobe after buying it for years so i decided to wear it.
i think this look is simple, sweet and suit for casual and formal occasion or even a tea party.
hope you guys like this look :)

what i wear :
Dress - Silk Wei
Bag - Dior
Heels - Charles and Keith



it's been a while.
 in this ootd, i'm wearing long white dress with brown leather jacket over it.
this dress is a v neck line dress and has a lacey pattern on top.
that's it! take a look :)

the jacket has the flowery pattern inside :)

and this super cute bracelet is from hanaru park <3

what i wear : 
Dress - Guess
Jacket - Twisted mind
Bracelets - Hanaru Park
Wedges - Bershka



hey guys, sorry for not posting lately. i'm out of photographer -.-
but now i'm back :p 
so, i already bought this crop top and highwaist jeans for a while but i didn't have any chance to do an ootd.
this highwaist jeans was bought in topshop and its name is Joni.
i just pair it with white crop top (it has lacey pattern).
this is it. hope you guys like it <3

what i wear :
Top - Pull and Bear
Jeans - Topshop
Bag - Gucci
Heels - Charles and Keith



hey people!
good day to you all <3 
as we know midi skirt is now back to the trend,
so today i'm wearing off shoulder top and midi skirt.
if you guys wondering where i bought this skirt, you can click here
hope you guys love this look <3

                                                 actually, i always plan what to wear on my next ootd,
                                                       so i always draw it before doing the ootd :)
                                                   (the look is a lil bit different from the drawing :p)

                                                                       what i wear :
                                                                 Top - Chocochips
                                                                Skirt - Chocochips
                                                                   Clutch - Oasis
                                                        Wedges - Charles and Keith



hey gurls,
it's almost that time of the year again.
have you guys decided what to wear for the upcoming valentine's day?
yes, today theme is about valentine, which is mean .... "CHOCOLATE HUNTING!!"
well yeah, i'm not expecting any chocolate since i don't like it (don't call me weirdo)
it must be fun to have boyfriend to spend the valentine's day with. maybe you'll get roses or other sweet gifts.
but if you're single... who cares? #FOREVERAWESOME!
(hey, you can spend the day with your familly or friends)
okay, back to the outfit. 
for the upcoming valentine's day, i'm thinking about wearing something PINK.
so i put on a sleeveless knit top, a pink flare skirt, and wear this hot yellow heels.
hope you like this look guys <3

don't forget this cute duck ipad pouch :*

and i also throw up a light pink beanie to make it more casual.

look! the zipper has a skull head. a bit creepy but still cute.

what i wear : 
Beanie - Sapraya Shop
Knit Top - Esprit
Skirt - Unbranded
Ipad Pouch - Chibi Land
Heels - Heatwave