Today, i'll be talking about some japanese beauty products.
Buying Japanese beauty products can be hard sometimes if you're living in Indonesia.
But everytime i need them, i'll go to Kay Collection.
Since i'm also a make up artist, i started buying my kits there too.
And i still do nowadays.
( honest saying )

Well, Let's start!

Here are some products i got from Kay Collection.
I mostly haven't tried these products except for Beauty Sponge and Silisponge and been wanting to try others. ( i usually buy Masami Shouko brand the most - available at Kay Collection )

Starting from face products :

1.  Skin Flat Pore Filling CC Gel SPF35 PA+++ ( Light Beige | 30g )

         before                                                                          after

     First time i saw this product, i've been so curious about it since it says 'Pore Filling'.
     You can see the difference between bare face and using Skin Flat CC Gel.
     It actually really filling in my pores leading to smooth skin surface.
     All i can say that i'm so in love with this baby.
     But since i want more coverage, i use this as primer, and the result is just perfect 
     Coverage : light
     Price : IDR 219.000,-

2. Perfect Pore Cover Matte & Smooth SPF30 PA+++

with cc & without concealer                                   with cc & concealer

   This product can be used as concealer. It also covers quite well.
   on that pic, i only used under my eye.
   It's a lil bit dry but still gives a smooth finish.
   Coverage : Medium
   Price : IDR 179.000,-

   3. Skin Flat Camouflage Powder SPF29 PA+++

without powder                                                with powder

    I used shade 01 on this pic.
    it has matte and smooth finish. And it really does camouflage the pores.
    Coverage : light to medium
    Price : IDR 238.900,-

4. Beauty Blender

Beauty blender has been my favourite tools to blend my foundation, contour, blush or even baking my under eyes. All you need to do is damp your beauty blender with water and dab to your skin until the products blends in. This product might absorbs your foundation but it gives a natural finish.
Price : IDR 92.900,-

5. Silisponge

What is Silisponge? it basically has the same function as beauty blender. but what makes it special is that this silisponge doesn't absorb any products because it was made from silicon so a little goes a long way. it might be hard to use on first try but once you get a grip, it'll be so easy to use.
Price : IDR 79.900,-

6.  Dolly Wink Pencil Eyeliner Black.

    Sometimes, if we only use liquid liner, it tends to have a gap between eyeliner and upper lash line.
    So, i like to use black pencil eyeliner to fill in my upper lash line to make it looks fuller.
    You can totally rock this method if you want a natural no makeup makeup eyes.
    I should say this eyeliner is so smooth and easy to glide on. it also waterproof so it's safe to wear
    even on waterline ( but don't cry so hard tho ;D)
    Price : IDR 175.900,-

7.  Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner Deep Black.

    I bet most of you have used this eyeliner and agree to how easy this eyeliner works.
    It's sharp edge makes it easier to draw thin line to sharp wing liner.
    The intensity is good for natural everyday eye makeup.
    Price : IDR 255.900,-

8. Eyeliner Stickies Variety Pack.
   I sucks at drawing wing eyeliner since i'm monolids, but this product sure comes to the rescue.
   It contains 36 pairs of eyeliner stickies, 3 types of different stickies.
  12 pairs thin, 12 pairs classic, and 12 pairs extravagant.
  All you need to do is choose your favourite pair and just stick it on your eyelids.
  Simply fill it in and boom! perfect eyeliner shape 
  Price : IDR 89.900-




9. Vitacreme B12 Body Milk
    When i read that this is a lotion, i thought it will be thick.
    But i was surprised that it actually so runny like water consistency.
    That's why i got a bottle with the body milk.
    It's kinda unique but it does make it easier since you only need to spray the lotion on your skin.
    The function is to regenerates and hydrates the skin, plus it doesn't feel greasy at all.WWW.KAYCOLLECTION.COM
    Price : IDR 249.900,-
                                                                              without                         with   

   That's all i have for you guys 
You can simply purchase them at WWW.KAYCOLLECTION.COM

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Thankyou for reading this post  
hope it will be useful  

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