Gargamel's Cat

Hey guys, i'm back :p
its been a long time since i last blogged. my sister is back to school now and i don't have a photographer. but yesterday my older sister just got home from jakarta so she is the one who take pictures of me :D . as always, it is hot in Indonesia, so here's my OOTD 

i'm wearing a tee with a cat print on it. it's actually my sisters'. so i borrowed it from her for this ootd. why the tittle is gargamel's cat? hehe. ya, i know it's kinda weird but i just watched the smurf again and found out that Gargamel's cat looks the same with the cat print on the tee. so... there it is :p

the tee is so cute. its so comfy, the cat looks cute and i love it.
i wore it with a denim short. this is just a simple outfit when you don't want to wear so many things but still look cool.

the shoes i wore is also so comfy. its wakai which its quite popular lately.it has bright color, suits for summer and you're just like walking on the pillow. i bought this one because its unique. not many people wants to buy this one because of the colorful color and it has different prints on the left and the right. its like you are wearing wrong pair of shoes but thats why i like it :p

thats all i'm wearing for this OOTD. hope you guys like it.
Thanks for dropping by :))

what i wear :
Top - Forever 21
Watch - Christian Dior
Short - Stradivarius
Shoes - Wakai