Hello Beauties,
Today's topic is all about our skin especially face.
I have to agree that to get beautiful result on makeup starts with a good skin.
And beautiful skin can be achieved genetically or by your facial / skincare routine and also exercising.
Well, growing up ,i don't really have any skin problem but this self just couldn't help to try facial and stuff.  I had my first facial long time ago and that has brought my skin to acne and blackheads.
Since then, i never really wanna do facial anymore.
But nowadays, i heard of this treatment by ZAP.
i read some reviews and it makes me curious all over again.
I don't really have sensitive skin to start with but my acne in the past probably due to not wearing the cream they gave me to use.

So, Clozette gave me a chance to try ZAP.
i rarely clean my blackheads because it can cause acne and make larger pores, so i only use pore pack. and thats when i started to think that this is the time to clean my face.

Arriving at Zap, i have to consult with a Doctor cause i never try zap before.
This consultation cost IDR 50.000,- and i got to know that my skin has quite a lot of blackheads, oil, and dark spots

 thou i'm in my 20s due to lack of sunblock. And she recommend me to have "Photo Facial" treatment which include 3 steps.

After consulting and face cleansing, the treatment started.
First is this step called Laser Toning.
My eyes were covered by cotton and glasses.
It shocked me a lil bit at the beginning but everything was okay.
it has those bug bites feeling but not that irritating.
i think she shot it on my problem areas as this step is to reduce blackheads and dark spots.

Sceond is Rejuvenation.
First they applied cold gel on your face and it feels so good after those bites felling.
the machine gave a warm sensation to my skin as she shot it on.
this step is to cure acne and regenerate collagen and reduce pigmentation leaving skin looking all fresh and soft.

Lastly, Oxy Infusion.
my face was airbrushed ( not using foundation ) in this step.
it feels cold and fresh but i kinda have trouble breathing when it gets near my eyes and nose.
the process needs 10 minutes and it was kinda struggle.
they said a lot of people have the same reaction like i did but i maintained to finish the step for 10 minutes! yay!
This step is quite important since it neutralise the skin after some laser and peeling skin form dirt.

here is my face before and after facial.
pictures were taken in the same room and lighting ( but maybe i moved a lil bit on this one :p)
you can see how dull my skin was versus the after facial.

here some closeup.
my redness were lessen.

and my pores is so much cleaner now.

Doctor told me to wear sunblock everyday even when i'm home.
And i can't wear my skincare for about 2 days to avoid any unwanted skin problems.
But i still can wear makeup eventhought its not as thick as usual.

Well, overall i'm so satisfied with the result.
i've never felt my skin this skin before.
The price for photo facial is IDR 500.000,- from IDR 750.000,-

Thankyou for visiting!
i'll see you on my next post <3

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