months ago last year, i attend a beauty gathering by My Beauty Story.
they introduced kinds of product and i got to try 'em.
i fell in love with their super cute colors which is mainly pink.
it just so girly and eyecatching.
from left to right :

eye pencil : mist / cloudy / rose leaf / petal

matic eyeliner - midnight dream / liquid eyeliner - line up / mascara - midnight dream / eyebrow micromatic - high brow

eyeshadow         - upper : light smokey / green forest
                         - lower : one fine day / classic chic

from upper to lower :
tinted moisturizer ( normal & medium )
cc cream
smooth & luminous primer

cream blush - cheek rose & sweet pea

fruity tinted sweety lip balm - strawberry / orange

lipgloss : truffle / prim rose / orange blossom / red rose

nail polish

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thanks to Zalonku and Kak Clara ( Lucedaleco )
for giving me this chance.

so a few weeks ago i was announced as one of zalonkuxlucedaleco winners.
but i just had time yesterday to finally had it dyed.

as the color, i was choosing grey cause i've been dying for it.
for the salon, i choose APT in Central Park as it is the nearest from home.

i had it start at 12.00 PM

This was my color before.
had dark brown for a year and half so the black roots has grown long.

first, i had it highlighted / bleached.
using shisheido but it ran out when i was just starting -.-
they had to change to another brand cause there was no more stock to this brand.

result :
the hair bleached with shiseido was perfectly white and beautiful, i love it.
at first they said its gonna take 3 to 4 times bleaching.
but with shiseido i just had it once.

they only used leftover shiseido on the inner side.
so for the upper part they switched to another brand.
too bad it ran out.

second time bleaching, only for the upper / outter part.
still yellowish, but they afraid my hair would damage if they keep bleaching so we ended up just twice bleaching.

time for grey!

waited 30 minutes and rinsed

it took 5 hours to this colour.
 this is how it looks like under yellow lighting.

after styled.

this is under white-r lighting.

and this is how it looks outdoor, but under the ceiling.

and this is how it looks right under sunlight.

you can definitely see how the colors on the inner part popped out more than the upper part.
and under the sunlight, it looks blu-ish / purple-ish 
but indoor, it will look grey.

well, i kinda sad how shiseido ran out,
but no, i don't dislike it.
actually i kinda love it.
i love how it changes colors in different lightings, and how it looks like ombre / balayage.
and somehow it doesn't look grey but green-ish 
i feel magical with this hair!

so, for first attempt ( yeah, first attempt i had it fantasy color dyed ) i should say 
this is satisfying enough.

well, thank you guys for reading,
i'll be coming with makeup tutorials on my youtube channel soon ( yes, with this hair )
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talk to you guys soon!