wow, time sure flies so fast! its like december just started but the fact is that tomorrow will be christmas already. i wish Indonesia were snowing (but its totally impossible). btw, this time outfit is jumpsuit again but its shorter and the back of this clothes has lacey pattern. its the same as Topshop but this is the replica made by Odiva brand and lately i've been loving this brand.
i paired it with this super adorable wedges from Guess. loving it! <3
and also the bag is sure a lil bit bigger but i still love it anyway. so, this is it. hope you enjoy and Merry Christmas for those who celebrate it <3

what i wore :
Jumpsuit - Odiva
Bag - Charles and Keith
Watch - Versace
Necklace - Bvlgari
Wedges - Guess



Hi guys, sorry for not posting these two weeks. my eyes was red and it always raining here.
so i'm finally had a chance today to do an ootd. today i'm wearing this simple white dress. its casual but also formal. i pair it with this gorgeous heels! loving this heels so much. its black but it has golden sparkling colour on the back.

what i wear :
Dress - Zara
Purse - Chanel
Heels - Guess



today, i'm wearing jumpsuit. the pant's part is loose like a maxi dress, suit the weather in Indonesia which is super hot lately. its highwaist so it makes me look tall (i'm short -.-) . the bag i'm using here is Celine. i haven't used this bag in ages and its a little bit dirty but i still love it. 

Jumpuit - Unbranded
Bag - Celine
Shades - Mango
Watch - Ebel
Heels - Charles and Keith



Annyeong guys! :p
(i'm learning korean language)
i've been wearing this pants from pull and bear so many times that i decided to do an ootd with it. 
it's so comfy and it has holes on it but thats why i love it.

top from et cetera ; unbranded blazer

bag from H&M ; watch from Christian Dior

wedges from Pretty Fit

this is my lil puppy. her name is pipsqueak :p
she is so adorable, isn't she?

these are my beagle puppies. they are 1 months old. 
one male and three females.
name from left to right:
Rambo ; Miley ; Pipsqueak ; Milly <3



                                                 Hi people :)
 it's been half a month i'm not posting any on my blog. i'm not busy but i just didn't have any photographer because everyone is busy. but yesterday is holiday so i had my sister photographed me.
                                            so, here you go, enjoy :)

so, i'm loving this oversize dress so much. oversize dress is simple but still looks cute on everybody. and one thing i love about this dress is that it covers our body so we are not looking fat.

sorry, just can't resist eating this snack :p

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and to end this look, i'm wearing this brown lace up wedges from my sis and mom which they gave me for my 18 birthday last october <3 (loving it)

what i wear : 
Dress : H&M
Shoe : Bershka
Snack : Lays :p



hey guys :) notice anything different from me? yes, i just got my hair cut a few weeks ago.
its not to long and not too short but medium. i feel much fresher than before and i love my new hair now :p . anw,  this time i'm wearing a maxi dress with triangle pattern which is my mom's. i feel much mature by wearing this dress. maybe because i'm all grown up now.
hope you guys enjoy <3 

what i wear :
Maxi dress - Insight
Headband - Zara
Watch - Christian Dior
Cap - RipCurl
Wedges - Zara