hey people!
good day to you all <3 
as we know midi skirt is now back to the trend,
so today i'm wearing off shoulder top and midi skirt.
if you guys wondering where i bought this skirt, you can click here
hope you guys love this look <3

                                                 actually, i always plan what to wear on my next ootd,
                                                       so i always draw it before doing the ootd :)
                                                   (the look is a lil bit different from the drawing :p)

                                                                       what i wear :
                                                                 Top - Chocochips
                                                                Skirt - Chocochips
                                                                   Clutch - Oasis
                                                        Wedges - Charles and Keith



hey gurls,
it's almost that time of the year again.
have you guys decided what to wear for the upcoming valentine's day?
yes, today theme is about valentine, which is mean .... "CHOCOLATE HUNTING!!"
well yeah, i'm not expecting any chocolate since i don't like it (don't call me weirdo)
it must be fun to have boyfriend to spend the valentine's day with. maybe you'll get roses or other sweet gifts.
but if you're single... who cares? #FOREVERAWESOME!
(hey, you can spend the day with your familly or friends)
okay, back to the outfit. 
for the upcoming valentine's day, i'm thinking about wearing something PINK.
so i put on a sleeveless knit top, a pink flare skirt, and wear this hot yellow heels.
hope you like this look guys <3

don't forget this cute duck ipad pouch :*

and i also throw up a light pink beanie to make it more casual.

look! the zipper has a skull head. a bit creepy but still cute.

what i wear : 
Beanie - Sapraya Shop
Knit Top - Esprit
Skirt - Unbranded
Ipad Pouch - Chibi Land
Heels - Heatwave



Good day everyone!
 today i'm so exited to do an ootd with this green plaid skirt.
i've been searching for this plaid skirt everywhere and its always run out of stock!
so glad when i found it on instagram by maythe6
 finally i got a chance to wear this baby (so in love with it <3)
 this time outfit is a playful but still gives a bit serious look.
hope you guys love it <3

                                                                       Bustier - Esprit
                                                                      Skirt - May the 6
                                                                        Blazer - GAP
                                                                  Bag - Charles and Keith
                                                               Wedges - Charles and Keith



Hello guys,
 as we know, nowdays houndstooth has been so popular. 
so this time i'm wearing houndstooth jumpsuit. 
actually there's something about this jumpsuit .
at first i didn't notice the difference between this jumpsuit and the other one.
but once i tried this, i realized that the lower part of it is a skort and i found it so uniqe.
well, here it is, enjoy :)

so this is what it looks like behind.
 it has the zipper and the pattern is not only houndstooth but there are stripes pattern and more :)

                                                                        what i wear :
                                                                  Sunnies - MANGO
                                                                   Jumpsuit - ZARA
                                                                    Heels - GUESS