So a few days ago, i got this Tescom Hot Brush Iron project from Clozette Indonesia and
today i'm going to share with you my review about the new Tescom Hot Brush Iron.

I've been wanting to try this kind of hair tools for quite sometimes.
because i have like the most tangled hair.
i don't usualy brush my hair because it might fall off.
but when i'm about to style my hair with hot iron, i have to brush my hair first so the finish will be smooth.

Luckily, i've got a chance to try this Tescom Hot Iron Brush so i don't waste my time on styling my hair.
this tool is best for straight hair.
not that it can't be used on curly hair, but it will take a long time to style the hair because it's only one sided iron.

this tool is also good for everyday usage.
i don't usually curl my hair everyday, so i just curl in the lower parts of my hair to C-shape curl.

like i've said before, this hot iron has brush on it so the finish result will be smooth.

and more good news is, it won't burn your hair ends because of it's one sided iron and the Negative Ion which help to keep your hair shine and moist.

Not to mention the cute color, Pink which is my fave.

price : IDR 1.099.000
You can check the product here :

Here i'll be showing you how i do my hair with Tescom Hot Brush Iron

Overall, i love the fisnish result.
Just what i need for everyday good hair day!

Thankyou for reading.
i'll see you on my next post.

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