Hey Peeps!
I want to share with you some of my tips on how to choose & mix and match my outfit for an event.
As a blogger / vlogger, i often go to some events that required me to dressed up. Some event also have their own dresscodes which sometimes makes me think hard of what i'm going to wear.
I don't know about you guys, but i have this bad mindset of not wanting people to remember me wearing the same outfit over and over again 😝
But due to some financial problem which doesn't allow me to keep shopping, i have to do this mix and match with what i have in my closet but still keep on following the trend.
So, without futher due, let's get started!


  1.  Browes some fashion look on instagram or another platform. You can look up to some of your favourite actress or actor or celebgram that you like.I also watch 'Clothesencounters' - Jenn Im on youtube, or Chriselle Lim. They shares amazing fashion style which i like.
  2. Find some pieces in your closet that match or look a like your 
  3. Keep the color match. If your pieces have too many different colors, i say match them with neutral / monotone color piece.
  4. Invest in monotone color outfit cause those colors never failed and simple is always the best.
  5. Wear your shoes, accessories or statement pieces. This will really help when you don't know what to wear. Save some money to buy them. It doesn't have to be branded. You can start from online shop. They always have discont or special promotion. 
Here are some ootd and details about them :

This look is so simple yet playful but still has its elegant side.
This cropped tank top is Mango and its on sale. Keep your eyes on sale item. You might fun cute pieces. Some simple tops like this will always come in handy.
Black skirt / pants is always a must cause it can fit with almost anything. I bought this since highschool and it never goes out of style.
That purse is my mom's. Some vintage item from your mom's closet can really be helpful.

I love nude colors.
Wearing the same tone outfit is probably the easiest and always stands out.
I found this dress for a good deals in forever 21 and colors like this will stays in time.
This shoes is the same with the first ootd.
I got it as a present from my friend and i always keep on wearing them. I love how it's not that high which makes me not tired of wearing it and the color is so cute.

This is the 'I don't know what to wear' look.
I just put on an oversized shirt and whatever pants or skirt i have. I also put this belt to make it looks more stylish but actually so effortless.

Invest in overall. This is the easiest way to dress up. Simply put it on and you are ready tp go.

Anyway, when i say invest, it doesn't mean you should always go shopping.
You can do it when you have the budget.

Like i've said before, check out some online shop with good deals. Online shops keep the trend and price worth it.

That's all i can tell you guys, don't hesitate to ask me anything.
And good news is, Zalora is having their Single's Day so you can shop affordable but good stuff on 11 November in Zalora.
Save your budget, and happy shopping.
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