Hey fams,
I wanna share with you one of the most important part that we kinda left behind which is our teeth health.
Being an influencer or anything really, actualy requires us to smile or showing teeth. A lot of dental clinic offer so many treatment for your teeth. Other than brushing our teeth daily, we should consider checking our teeth at least every 3 months. Due to what we consume everyday, brushing our teeth is not enough to make it clean. Tartar used to appear due to that and if it doesn't get care of, our teeth will be eroded. Lucky for us, scaling treatment can be found anywhere and one of them is at Happy Dental Clinic.

I was so lucky to get a chance given by Clozette Indonesia for an Oxygen Scaling and Protection treatment done at Happy Dental Clinic at Baywalk Mall

Short review : 
The process takes around 30 minutes depends on how many tartar you have.
It's a lil bit painful but still bear-able.
All tools are clean and neat.
The doctor and nurse are very kind and helpful.
The place is nice and clean with a sea view which a plus point.

My teeth is now clean and ready for pictures!

With drg.Lina

Anyway, Happy dental clinic is currently celebrating their 4th anniversary and by that you can get discount on Scaling treatment for only Rp 299.000!!
You sure don't want to miss this deal 💕

Thankyou for reading and don't forget to take care of your teeth ❤️

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