Last saturday, i went to Nivea X Female daily blogger gathering at Twin House, cipete .
I met lots of friends starting from fellow bloggers, vloggers to my high school friend.
In this gathering we did some fun activities like talking a lil bit more personal about 'MOM'
and we made a scrap frames which will be given to our mom on the upcoming mother's day on 22nd december <3

here's some memories of our gathering :

cute cupcakes <3

me in the making of scrap frames.

here's the result!
*thats not me and my mom,
gonna replace those pic >.<

goodies from Nivea! yay <3

Those are some pictures of the fun i had.
Mother's day is coming soon, have you decided what to give to your mom?
maybe you can make a scrap frame too! :D
Let me know if you're gonna make or buy.
i'll see you on my next post!
bye bye <3

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