Hey guys!
here again with me <3
this time i'm gonna be talking about this product.
Natur, i bet you guys must've heard or used this product.
I've known this brand since such a long time but never try it before.
now it's time to give them a try a.k.a back to nature.

From what i know, Natur used to have herbs smell.
But now they've change it to a more frequent smell like floral.
but it's not such a strong fragrance so it will mostly suits anyone.

Natur also contain olive oil and zinc to make your hair stronger and smoother.

Since my hair is so damaged due to my hair color journal.
( in case you don't know my hair is in super damage condition. i had it bleached again and it can't hold it anymore so some of them just went off. not bald tho:p )
so, i decided to have it cut short in like 2 more weeks.
i'll be posting more about my shorter hair on my snapchat or ig story or instagram
And i'm gonna try this product for a healthier hair.

From what i heard in this gathering,
dyeing / styling your hair too much isn't good for you and your scalp.
doesn't mean you can't have fun with your hair.
but sometime your hair needs a break.
so i'm just gonna let it be healthy for some times and dye it again when i decided to! :D

Well, that's how my activity and story for today.
and to sum it up,
this product is quite safe rather than other brand because of it's ingredients.
and also have such an affordable price.
they also good to make your natural black hair stand out and shining.
but of course any natural hair color is okay too :D

this pic was taken after the event with fellow bloggers.
i looked so tiny :p

well anw,
thankyou for visiting my blog.
laf youuu <3
see you on my next one!

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