Hey lovelies,
As you can see on the title, i'm going to review my skin spa experience at Clarins.
Clarins have so many spa club all over the world and i tried the one at Metro Taman Anggrek Jakarta, Indonesia.

As i walked in to the room, it didn't feel like mall at all. I said i want to have the Full body treatment and the teraphist asked me to fill in the form to check out my skin type and which part of my body that i mostly concern of. I chose to focus on thigh and abdomen part cause that's where i feel fat most.

After i filled up the form, i was taken to the treatment room.
The room was bright and clean.
There are some products displayed on shelf and also on bed.

I took a quick change and wrap myself with bathrobe. Then i lay down on the bed as the light went dimly lit. The ceiling was decorated like sky and the room scent was so relaxing, i started to close my eyes. The bed was one of the best part from this treatment cause it had this warming machine underneath and it kept my body warm during the treatment in a cool temperature room.

The teraphist then checked my skin to choose which product she will be using for my skin. Then the massage began. She explained which products she used and how it will react on my skin ( not to long tho, she let me sleep ).

I felt so relaxed and forget about the world for that 60 minutes. Oh, i chose medium strength for the massage and she did. I regret not choosing strong cause i like it stronger but i was just too tired and relaxed to ask her for more power :p

As i said that i wanted more focus on my thigh and abdomen, she put their body fit lotion, which is for burning fat, and wrap some plastic kind of stuff around my thigh and belly. I could feel the hot sensation burning the fat. Of course it's still bearable. In fact it was so relaxing.

60 minutes passed and the teraphist left the room after she finished. Then i went for shower cause the lotion and oil were to sticky and i still wanted to spend my time strooling at the mall. After that, the teraphist gave me a cup of tea to end the treatment.

What did i feel after the treatment?
Yes, i felt so relaxed. I felt that my thigh and belly were tighter than before. I could feel the lotion working so well.

Do i recommend this treatment?
Yes, if you love to relaxed and burn fat while sleeping.
The price for this treatment is IDR 900.000 which is understandable cause the products used are so good.
No, if you love more pressure and focus on the massage.
But this kind of treatment is like a gift for yourself, so once in a while, its okay to have this treatment and pamper yourself like a princess.

And if you are not into body massage or you dont have enought time, there's also 30 minutes treatment which is Open Spa. It mainly focus on face massage. The price for open spa is IDR 300.000 . So if you're spending your time strooling at mall, why don't you give yourself a visit to Clarins Spa and give it a try. I bet you'll love it.

Well here's the end of my review.
Hope you find it interesting and helpful enough. Thankyou for reading. See you on my next post!

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