Olla bunnies 
thankyou for stopping by.
so if you'd follow my IG, you know that i've been changing hairstyle recently.
yes, i've back to neutral color which is brown.
some reasons why i dyed my hair and cut it cause i have my graduation day coming up.
doesn't mean i can't have colored hair on my grad day but i just feel like its gonna feel weird looking back to my graduation photos one day and my hair was blonde. ( not saying bad things, i love blonde)
and i cut my hair cause it's been damaged already :(

ps : add my snapchat : soniatahir

and now i miss my blonde hair. i want to have another coloring but yeah i'm afraid it will get damaged more.
so i'll take a short break ( i believe :p )
and for you guys who wants to try colouring your hair,
you can dye it at home with lots of hair dye products, but don't forget to take care of your hair after dyeing it. okay peeps? <3
if you are looking for hair products, head over to Sociolla
cause i have discont voucher for you peeps.

and peeps, here's a makeup tutorial for graduation day or prom.
hope you like it.
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  1. Wah selamat ya atas kelulusannya, semoga ilmu dan gelar barunya bermanfaat ^^

    xoxo, Kartika


  2. congrats for your graduation dear :)


  3. congratz for your graduation, for surely i will check your makeup tutorial :)

    -Chic Swank-

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