Good day, Guys :)
i believe lots of you have tried cushion.
it has been a popular product in Asia.
me, myself have tried lots different brand but i haven't done any reviews.
i know it's quite late but its better late than never, right ;)
so here we go.
( p.s : i don't own several photos cause i didn't take photos of them. )

so, i have tried The Face Shop, Lancome, Laneige and Etude.
first i'll review about Etude.
source : google
I believe you guys have known this brand especially if you are a korean addict XD
Etude is my first cushion. i used this mint green one because it has this color correcting that suit my reddish skin around my cheeks. this also brighten up your skin.
if you have reddish but darker skin tone, i suggest not using this one cause it'll make your skin looks ashy.
for coverage : light to medium.

source : google

The second one is Laneige.
what i used is Snow BB Soothing Cushion.
Laneige cushion is quite popular among Indonesian people.
it quite pricey but you get two ( include refill )
so its definitely worth it.
it also have SPF 50+ PA+++
coverage is light to medium.
it has more than one shades so choose the one suit your skin tone :)

third one is Lancome.
i've been loving this one for quite some time.
its more pricey than Laneige but it has like a whole lot more than the other brand.
for coverage is medium to heavy.
this cover like crazy. it's foundation kinda like, so if you're looking for more coverage cushion,
then this one is yours to choose.
it has so many shades, 8 if im not mistaken.
4 for BO ( pink-ish skin tone ) and 4 for O ( yelow-ish )
but, too bad it doesn't provide darker tone in Indonesia.

Last one is The Face Shop.
i have to say i'm new to this cushion cause i rarely buy The Face Shop products.
but on the last event, they were having exchange product kinda event,
so i brought my other brand empty cushion and traded it with the new TheFaceShop cushion.
pic on the left is the last packaging model.
and the right one is the newest.
it came with 2 kinds of cushion.
Ultra moist and Intense cover.
since my skin doesn't really have too much blemishes, i choosed Ultra Moist one for more light and glowing finish.
coverage is light to medium.
for Intense cover, coverage is medium to heavy.
both finish with glowing skin.

left : Lancome - right : TheFaceShop

now this is the different of Lancome and The Face Shop.
i love both but i just want to show the difference.
Lancome cushion has larger pore than TheFaceShop.
it also has more liquid than TheFaceShop which makes it last longer.
but because its so wet you have to really be careful while pressing it with sponge cause if not, you can see you'll make it look dirty and some products might get to your nails / finger.

but in the end i love them all.
for more everyday look i say Laneige is better.
but for more coverage, Lancome.

Thankyou for reading my review.
if you are still in search of cushion,
why don't you try the one i tried before :D

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a little story about Sociolla, 
i once shop on their website to buy Laneige Cushion for my sister birthday and it was like her birthday tomorrow ( yes, she just told me what she want the day before XD )
i thought it will arrive like 3 to 4 days but i was totally surprised.
cause the next day someone knocked my door and it was Sociolla delivery guy and yes my Cushion landed safely on my hand with their cute signature packaging just in time on my sis birthday.
two thumbs up for Sociolla :*

so guys, i hope you enjoy shopping <3
and let me know which cushion is your favourite.
see you around :D


  1. Sonia, reading ur post ini jd wondering when is the best step to apply bb cushion? and stlhnya perlu di set powder lg kah?

    1. hello ci, apply bb cushion after skincare. and if you want it to stay more longer, then appply primer after skincare first, then bb cushion, following with setting powder to make sure it's not greasy or sticky if you have oily skin.

  2. Great review dear...