last sunday i was invited to sephora to try out this new product called
this is a gel based peel off nail polish which comes out in so many pretty colors for you to choose.
fyi, this nail polish comes from Germany.
the name is ALESSANDRO.
it was classified in 3 types which are
- Magic Stars
- Alessandro Striplac
- Dream collection

Striplac - peel off nail polish with gel based
Stars - basic nail polish with matte shimmer end
Dream - creamy nail polish with diamond powder

striplac ( 189k) - stars ( 171k) - dream ( 250k )

how to  :
- apply twin coat ( top coat + base )
- dry with LED for 60 secs
-apply first coat of your chosen color
- dry again for 60 secs
- apply second coat if you want to
- dry for 60 secs more
- apply twin coat to seal
- dry for 60 secs
- rub your nails with striplac pads for shinny end
- done!

 hawaian dream - peachy cinderella - dark violet

striplac pads ( 50 sheets )

after peeled off

- even after so many coats, it still feels so light
- not crack easily
- pretty colors
- last for 7 to 10 days
- can be peeled.

- nails are a lil bit dry after peel off
- must be applied at least 2 coats
- takes time for drying and coating ( but faster than going to nail shop )

i love it. not to pricey. no need to go to nail shop anymore.
no acetone needed, just peel it off.

oh ya, they also sell a starter kit.

what you get from starter kit : 
red nail polish - twin coat - LED - pads - peel of activator
( around Rp 1.xxx.xxx )

made some new friends again at this gathering.
showing our fresh polished nail.

well thats it. let me know what you think. see you guys around.

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