Have you guys ever heard about WASO? I was invited to WASO's event the other day and was so surprised to find out that it was the junior skincare of Shiseido! 

Yup! Shiseido is a well known brand and now they're coming in with the new WASO. Waso was made for the "millenial" ( or any age if u are millenial at heart XD )

Made from only natural ingredients, Waso is completely safe to use. 
Speaking of ingredients, it was made out from these main babies :



Looquat Leaves

White Jelly Mushroom


Waso has come out with their complete skincare products starting from hydrating cream to color smart day moisturizer with SPF 30.

All of their products are non - comedogenic , parabean free and oil free. You can simply purchase them at Shiseido Counter. Honestly, WASO's packaging is uber cute and the quality is no need to be asked for! ( i fell in love when i first tried them )

Favourite product u asked? I'd say their Clear Mega-Hydrating Cream. My skin instantly transform into smooth surface and its perfect as my makeup base <3
Can't skip the lotion too cause it was made from white jelly mushroom which is so unique and the gel texture just melt into my skin like lotion ( thats why the name is Fresh Jelly Lotion ).

And anyway, i shouldn't skip talking about the event! It was such fun. When i first arrived, i quickly sat on my spot and made my bento. Super cute tips and tricks was shared and now i'm obsessed in making bento >.<
Those bento we made will be donated to the orphanage.

Also didn't forget to take picture on this cute spot!

Both event and product were amazing! Can't wait for another one! 

Thankyou for reading! Catch you later! <3

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