Slimmer looking face in under 10 minutes? yes!
I went to Oya Clinic to get this magic thing happens.
Its called Face Contoured.
Stay till the end to find the good news <3

Welcome to Oya Clinic :)

i'll just go right to how it works :
first, they clean my face with face cleanser to remove any makeup.
and them they applied this brown cream which is known as Oya's Cream.
this cream will burn those fat with the help of Oya's machine.
amazingly, this cream smells so good. remind me of kue sarang semut if you know it :p
anw it smells so good so i asked what its made of.
and the answer is all natural ingredients goodness.
so i feel so safe with this cream cause it won't cause any breakouts.
they started with down up motion for 10 minutes each side.

after around 20 minutes, they cleaned my face and put this mask on my face.
this is to keep my face moist after the first step which might make my skin dry.

and heres the before and after.
left is before and right is after.
see how my cheeks i slimmer than before?
and i do feel that my skin is tightening.

yes, you guys might say that its not so different from before.
because this was only done once.
but I'm impressed by how my cheeks look slimmer.

now from the side.
you can see more clearly how my double chin fats reduced.
and its more V - line looking.

now for the price, it might be quite pricey for some of you.
normal price for face contour is Rp 899.000,-
so the good news is.....

here's a 50% discount for you guys who wants to try face contour at Oya Clinic :)

Hope you guys take this opportunity to try their signature face contour
cause this voucher only last for three months and i'm sure you guys don't wanna miss it :D

for more information / booking :
    Address: Jl. Teuku Cik Ditiro No.54, Jakarta, Kota Jakarta Pusat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 10310, Indonesia


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  2. Great review and nice recommendation ;)


  3. Thanks a lot for the review Sonia! penasaran banget sama treatment ini, dan kamu kasih voucher ini langsung aku save! haha.

    1. thankyou for visiting and leaving such a nice comment <3
      let me know when you've tried it. oh i also have the body shaping voucher if you like.
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